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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 20, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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with joe queenan and gene simmons. thanks for joining us. >> you want to know more about all this stuff? money and investing? join our constant conversation on twitter. >> great comments from all of you. join us every week for "your money" saturdays at 1:00 p.m. eastern and sundays at 3:00. log on 24/7 to have a great weekend. -- captions by vitac -- tax time. the deadline is looming, but here's something you don't have to dread, a refund. two top financial experts reveal five of the most overlooked tax deductions. and president obama is heading to capitol hill this hour to make his final plea for health
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care reform ahead of tomorrow's critical scheduled vote. we'll have live coverage of his personal pitch in the next hour. at 4:00 eastern time, a horrifying dilemma for single parents with critically ill children. how do you care for your child and pay your bills? hello, i'm fredricka whitfield. you're in the cnn newsroom. the big story this weekend is the battle over health care reform. debate and possibly a vote set for tomorrow. cnn is covering all the angles. ed henry is at the white house. the president getting ready to go to capitol hill. brianna keilar is waiting for him on capitol hill. here in atlanta, josh levs has his eye on which democrats have not said how they will vote on the matter. let's begin with ed henry. a lot of pressure on the president, but he is the one who is going to try to apply some pressure, so to speak, on capitol hill today. >> that's right. it certainly is finally drufrn
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time. we've been talking about this drama building for months and months now this is the president's signature domestic issue. from talking to his top aides this morning, they are saying way plans to do with house democrats is give them a very simple pitch. that he thinks this comes down to whether or not you are going to give into politics or whether or not you are going to help the american people. the president believing the fact this bill will cover some 32 million more people. the fact that the cost figures came in the last few days, and suggested over the long term it's going to save about $1.2 trillion in terms of cutting the long-term deficit and debt in this country. they believe regardless of what the politics and situation may look like now in advance of the november midterm elections, that this is a historic moment that democrats cannot miss. >> we've seen the president head to capitol hill to talk about health care and other matters before, but why is this different? it seems as though he uses this technique a little bit more than
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past presidents. >> it's certainly rare for presidents to go on the congressional turf unless they are going for the big annual state of the union address. to actually go behind closed doors to a caucus, this president, as you noted, used this in the first 100 days as well when some democrats were wavering about the cost and scope of the stimulus package. this helped bring his party together. he is looking to do that once again certainly to make sure that law makers on the hill understand the stakes here. that is what his top aides say over and over. he thinks the stakes are enormous and time for the party to come together, fred. >> and come vote time tomorrow, at least as scheduled, where will the president be, what are his plans? >> it's always a work in progress. just yesterday we were first reporting he was going to be heading to capitol hill. details of that changed about three or four times. initially law makers were going to come to the white house and they changed that, changed the
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time. all of this, they are waiting and watch like we are here at the white house with what's going to happen with brianna there on the hill and when this will play out. i can tell you from talking to the president's most senior advisors, they say in private he has been very clear saying he does not want any sort of victory dance tomorrow, say in the rose garden or something like that. he'll come out and give some remarks. they don't want a pep rally. they want to send a clear message this is not done if the house passes it. it has to go to the senate. they are going to send a clear message. senate majority leader harry reid will be there when the president meets with house democrats. they still have to turn the page and a lot of work and procedural hurdles ahead in the senate. >> ed henry, thank you very much. let's go to brianna keelor on capitol hill. what is happening today? we know it is also a very busy working saturday for many law makers. >> very busy. as we speak right now, the
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democratic-controlled rules committee is setting out the blueprint for this expected vote tomorrow. what they are doing is laying out that idea of deem and pass that democrats are going to use to get this health care reform package out of the house. so what are they doing here? well, this is the senate pass bill. it passed the senate on christmas eve. it's huge, as you can see. i can hardly lift it up. in fact, i think, okay. there it is. big bill. this is what just came out this week from house democrats, the reconciliation bill. it's smaller, but this is changes to this bigger bill. there's a lot of stuff in here that especially vulnerable democrats do not like. what the rules committee does is, they basically smoosh these together so some of those democrats don't have to take this tough political vote on the senate bill separately. it would deem the whole package passed when this reconciliation bill passes. republicans are raising a lot of
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noise about this, fred. it has been used before, but the point they make is that it hasn't been used for something so large and comprehensive, which is also true. >> so one of the issues that has stopped many law makers in their tracks is that of abortion. where and how does that play given in this consolidated package? >> you have a minority group within the democrats that is anti-abortion. they have not been onboard with this senate bill because, they say, the language is not stringent enough for them to make sure federal dollars being given to some americans in the forms of subsidies to pay for health insurance, to make sure that money isn't going to go to pay for abortion. they haven't been onboard with this and want to see a change. we heard from speaker pelosi, there isn't going to be a change. what we know democratic leaders are looking at as a compromise whereby the president could do an executive order that says current law has to stand. federal money isn't going to go to abortions.
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we have a lot of pro-abortion rights democrats who are saying, hey, we would be okay with that. what we don't know at this point, we are trying to pin this down works some of these anti-abortion democrats be okay with that? because obviously, democratic leaders are trying to get as many votes as they can. that will be key to help pass this. >> as people continue to watch what is going on the hill, they also want to know, how does this affect me directly? overall the big package, some people get it. how might this process be impacting people? >> i think what a lot of people want to know, especially in this economy, is it going to cost me more or save me money? we are breaking it down a little bit. if you're someone like me, you get your insurance through a company, through your work, here is how it's going to affect you according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office. drilling down on their numbers, they say if you're getting your insurance through your company, you are going to be paying about the same. this is speaking generally. say you are a freelancer or say
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you have to buy your insurance on the individual market? this depends how much money you make. if you make more than $88,000, as a family, a family of four, then what you would see is you're considered to be better of than some and you could see your premiums increase. those are the folks that may see their premiums increase. for the people though who buy their insurance on the individual market and make less than $88,000 as a family, they would see their premiums decrease. they are going to get subsidies, help from the government to help them buy insurance, fred. >> brianna keilar, thanks so much. we'll check with you throughout the day because things are changing moment to moment. appreciate that. a lot of you have been telling us about how you feel about the issue. on my blog, this is what jeremy writes. "i imagine most of the people opposing health care reform have insurance coverage. how about a little consideration and compassion for the millions of people in this country that
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don't have or can't afford health insurance coverage? ask yourself, why would you want to deny anyone health care?" this from andy saying, "we need to treat this health care issue like we treat any other personal decision that needs to be made. do you push forward with a decision of any kind that sends up all kinds of red flags? no. simply don't go that direction. scrap it and start over." keep sending me your comments at and we'll get them on the air as best we can. we are counting the votes to see which representatives have yet to say whether they are for or against this bill. the president should be arriving on capitol hill before the hour is over to give democrats a pep talk. perhaps he can sway a few votes. all that is straight ahead of tomorrow's planned action when the house actually takes up the bill and is scheduled to vote on the matter. let's change directions a
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with automatic crash response from onstar that can call for help, even when you can't. we call it peace of mind. a consumers digest best buy two years in a row, chevy malibu. all weekend long and today, as a matter of fact, we've been talking about the immediacy of health care. 27 days. that's how much time you have left to file your income taxes. if you're looking for ways to get more money back, we've got some tips. at least our ken and daria dolan do. they are back with us now. good to see all from west palm beach. >> fredericka, i missed you so much. >> no, no, i missed you all. >> it's been too cold to come out down here.
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>> let's talk about these tax preparations. i have date with my files and papers tonight trying to get it all together. >> exciting. >> help me out. five of the most overlooked tax deductions. what should i be looking for? >> well, the first one you don't need help in. why don't you do the job hunting? you don't need to hunt for a job. >> it's so important now that we minimize the taxes we pay simply because of this health care thing which is likely to pass tomorrow. we say it's going to cost more and taxes go up. this becomes more important. >> i was going to ask you about this later. you answered it before i had to ask the question. >> if we have time we can talk. we think it's very onerous. on our travel, a lot of people don't realize resume preparation, printing, travel to an interview and working with employment -- >> that costs money.
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>> hold on! the key thing it only applies to you staying in the same profession like college graduates, first-time job, that's a problem. great for some people but it has to be in the same profession. avoid trouble. >> what are other tax deductions we need to look for that's so often overlooked? >> there is a $2,500 tax break on the interest that's paid on a student loan that people may miss if they are not terribly careful. and the interest on home improvement loans providing that that home improvement adds to the value and is not just an improvement to keep the walls from falling down. >> exactly right. like when i hit the wall with my computer and stuff. >> if you're making it more energy efficient, extending, adding on to the house. >> i put a hole in the kitchen
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wall yesterday. we are still arguing. >> careful, careful now. transportation expenses. in what degree? work? >> no. it's a big deal. if traveling on business, you have to prove it, 55 cents. when you're talking about medical or moving it's 24 cents per mile. that's no big deal. try moving a few miles. most people don't realize it's 14 cents per mile for charitable work, which is nice. >> if you drive back and forth to a hospital to volunteer there, you can be ducting those miles. the last one is a break for the unemployed finally. it never made sense to me if you're getting kicked not having a job, forced to go on unemployment why be taxed on it? at least the first $2,400 you received in 2009 unemployment benefits may possibly not be subject to tax. you need to check with a tax professional on that. there are some restrictions. >> get them all. >> hopefully.
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that would be nice, right? let's talk about business strends for this year. not necessarily taxes, but business trends. >> let me start with one because it hits close to home. two banks were closed yesterday in the united states, bringing the total to 33. one in utah and one right there in georgia where you're sitting. we see far more bank closures this year heading into next year. could be as many as 300 over this year and next year. you need to know the safety of your bank. you can do that with we love this company. we don't own it. the major goal for small business and investors during the course of this year, preservation of capital. we still have $2 trillion worth of stock market appreciation we lost in the last two years.
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very conservative. >> wall street will continue in spite of the mess they made in this country to create more esoteric investments. if you can't understand it within a five-minute discussion -- >> or less. >> -- or less, it's probably too complex and junk professional the wouldn't buy. >> we see a major push in medical tourism. an awful lot of u.s. insurance companies -- >> what is that? >> medical tourism says i can get a benefit of a vacation, if you will and i can get a bypass or fix a limb -- >> carpal tunnel syndrome, a lot more operations done more economically overseas. >> in a sunny climate because some insurance companies are making it easier and allowing benefits in places like panama, costa rica, brazil, malaysia, big business.
2:19 pm
>> if health care passes, you need to see if there are any publically-trade publically-traded medical -- what's the word? >> spit it out. it's only a ten-minute seg male. >> medical tourism businesses that are publically traded because i predict that will be a huge stock to own. we are all going to be searching. >> hopefully i don't have to rely on, you know, making holiday plans overseas to get a vacation. i don't know. we have good medical attention here in the state. we have a lot of questions coming your way. i'm still dying to know some of the things we could live without. >> these are great. >> we'll tackle all of that right after this.
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now. pope benedict xvi is responding to a child abuse scandal rocking the catholic church in ireland. he released an 18-page pastoral letter. he sharpie criticized molesters saying they should take responsibility for their since,
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but did not dole out punishment for two bishops who covered up decadings of abuse. some say they are disappointed because the pope did not mention any vatican responsibility. police in new jersey have arrested a 16-year-old boy for making a racial comment on a walmart public address system. the boy was charged with harassment and bias intimidation and released to the custody of his parents. the incident happened last sunday when a male voice told all black people to leave the store. the announcement provoked anger and an apology from walmart. it maybe the first day of spring, but you wouldn't know it in oklahoma. yes, look at all that snow. a winter storm is hammering the state with a foot of snow expected in some areas. it's not the only state in the region to actually get hit. snow is also falling in parts of texas, missouri and kansas. we are back now with ken and kariya dolan, personal finance
2:25 pm
experts joining us from west palm beach. they've got all kinds of great tips, particularly on how you can cut some costs, what things you really can live without, and how do you cut travel costs? let's begin with the things you can should be able to live without. >> this is can't live without. >> right. cannot live without. >> one of america's premier research firms did a survey we had to share with you guys. they asked for a list of 25 things you can't live without. here are the top five answers, and i agree with all of them. number one, i'm a junkie. internet service. >> cannot live without. >> number one. >> number two is cable and satellite, basic cable and satellite. >> cell phone service, basic is number three. can't live without either of those three. fourth one is discount shopping on apparel. >> and the fifth, thankfully,
2:26 pm
charitable contributions. >> what we are saying, these are things you cannot live without which means you're not looking to trim these from your budget. you don't have to be, i guess you don't have to discriminate against how you get these services? >> yep. >> no matter what it cost you, you've i got to have it? >> most people will say they have to have it. >> that's why we need to save money when we travel. >> let's go there then. how do i continue to travel and save money and not break the bank? >> you hear about twittering all over the place. the fact of the matter is there are some great deals that the airline are actually putting on their own twitter accounts, tweeting them out there. sign up for twitter. it's free. >> if you don't know how to do that, ask josh levs. >> he's the master. >> you may want to consider leaving from an airport or arriving at an airport that may not be the one you want. if you can leave out of ft. lauderdale because miami is
2:27 pm
expensive or if you could land at an airport that is not the same one, you would be surprised how much money you can save. be flexible. >> just because you book a ticket doesn't mean you pay it and forget about it. keep checking that price at a great website if you find that there is the same ticket at a cheaper price, some airlines will give you a refund for the difference. >> travel voucher. and this is my favorite all time. number one is this one. when you're making a reservation for a hotel, don't call the national hotel line, the 800 line. no way. >> i have learned that. you get better deals if you talk to people directly at the hotel. that means calling at a more reasonable hour because 1-800 numbers are for after hours. >> you stole our tip. >> i've been learning from you all. >> after 6:00 at the local hotel
2:28 pm
they make their cancellations and you may be able to pick one of those up. >> they tell you to be sure to be here by 6:00 or we'll cancel your reservation. call the hotel you want at 6:01 and see what's been canceled. >> let's bring in that twitter master. >> josh levs. >> we are all together again. he has lots of questions. >> been too long, guys. delight to have you back. >> how are you, daddy? >> love it. this one comes from sunny. my son is 25, no dependents, not married. graduated from college, works full time and lives in an apartment. what can he do to save on his taxes? he contributes to a 401(k), but only about 3%. >> good news is the 401(k) contributions are a great way to get started. here's the deal. the deal is obviously if he is doing it, he doesn't have a lot
2:29 pm
of dependents. many plans will allow you to put up 10% with a maximum of $16,500. 3% is nice but he could do 6% or more. >> is it worth it this the economy? >> put it on to the side. get it into the plan, maybe a money market fund. get it in there first. don't worry about it market about it. stay out of the market. >> let's get to the second one which is from your favorite of the day twitter. just coming out of bankruptcy discharge. what is the best way to re-establish my credit? >> more than likely the's going to be difficult, particularly in this economic environment to get a new credit card. what you want to do is, you want to find a secured credit card which means that you take $500, whatever you can spare, you give it to the credit card company and they put it in a little nominal interest, maybe even no interest at this point. they put that on the side. it becomes your credit line.
2:30 pm
>> do you well with that and eventually helps restore your credit? >> one tip though. not all secured credit cards report to credit bureaus. you want to go to to find the best ones, ones that report to the credit bureau. >> this is great. i didn't know that existed. that's great. >> is there no end to the information on this program? >> that's why we have you. i knew you could have a designated limit, $500 whatever. i didn't know about putting money in. >> that becomes your credit line. long as you pay it off up to that, they'll give you a regular credit card in a period of time. >> then you get actual credit. >> exactly. good news. >> let's get in one more. "i am 29. i want to know how much money should i put away monthly for
2:31 pm
retirement. how do i start?" >> i love this question. we just read what statistic did you see? >> 27% of all working americans have less than $1,000 put aside for retirement. the fact that 54% of all americans working right now are 40 or older, i hope a lot of that 27% isn't in that group. >> some of them lost it. to be fair. some people had retirement funds and spent it. >> no doubt about it. in this case of the young guy -- >> i think it's a gal. >> if you could put away 10% until you got your bearings, if you could put away 10% of your pay that would be spectacular. >> assuming you already have an emergency rainy day fund of probably six months worth of savings. >> especially these days. >> dynamic duo, thank you.
2:32 pm
quickly, where you can send your questions and comments. >> ken and daria, there is another place people can get tips on saving, right? your website. >> i think so, yeah. >> lots of interesting tips on deductions as well as you get ready for tax filing season and other strategies to help you get the most bang for your buck. ken and daria, thanks so much. good to see you. >> bye, fred. bye, josh. >> happy spring. >> that's right. here is a live shot right now on capitol hill. this will be the location where the president momentarily, about an hour or so from now, president of the united states will be making his way up pennsylvania avenue to capitol hill to be entering this room, the democratic caucus meeting will take place here. the president trying really hard
2:33 pm
to persuade anyone who was on the fence about health care reform, and this is just ahead on the eve of what's expected to be a vote on capitol hill tomorrow. you heard ken and daria say happy spring. who says it's spring in some parts? you can't tell the folks in oklahoma. a sore nose... ...and plain tissue... ...caused quite a commotion. mom knows to use soothing puffs plus with lotion.
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plain tissue can irritate the sore nose issue. puffs plus with lotion is a more soothing tissue.
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this just in, new information on capitol hill as a planned vote -- we are on the eve of a planned vote on capitol hill. brianna keilar joins us now. >> we are just learning at this moment, we've been talking for days now about this process that house democrats were planning to go through, fred, this idea of deeming and passing the bill. they have to pass the senate bill and they have to pass a bill of changes to the senate
2:37 pm
bill because there is a whole lot they don't like. we just learned they are not going to roll it all in together. we are expecting an announcement from house leaders soon on this process saying they are going to have this up or down vote on the senate bill, up or down vote on the changes bill and we are waiting to figure out exactly why this is. soon as we know we'll bring it to you. >> up or down vote on both those measures, either the senate bill, the big one you just had there they've been talking about for months now or perhaps even that truncated, smaller, abbreviated version, up or down on both. >> yeah. this is what we are hearing and waiting to hear it officially from democratic leaders. remember when they had this idea of rolling that senate bill that had a lot of stuff vulnerable house democrats didn't want to do the up or down vote into, there were republicans who were saying why are they doing this? this is horrible, this is trickery. they were calling it a deem scheme. they were hitting democrats very
2:38 pm
hard over this. this deem and pass tactic has been used before by republicans and by democrats, but republicans said it's never been used for something this big, this controversial. we are trying to figure out why this change, assuming democrats think this isn't going to get in the way of getting the votes. we are trying to answer those questions. >> brianna keilar, thanks so much. that update taking place in less than a hour before the president is expected to be on capitol hill in what you see that live shot where they are testing out the mikes there. they'll event their room. meantime, we are just minutes into spring now. would you never believe it in parts of the country. along the red river, in particular, icy flood waters threaten thousands of homes and businesses. the river is expected to crest tomorrow several feet below last year's record level. right now, folks there are
2:39 pm
hoping to sandbag and the levees will hold back the water. >> in the southern plains, winter hangs on there. more than a foot of snow is expected in some areas this weekend. a state of emergency is already declared in every county in oklahoma. jacqui jeras is in the weather center. so much for a happy spring. >> bummer for them, but good for us in the southeast, right? >> it is beautiful outside. don't want to rub it in. >> they did have great weather late last week. everybody is nice and mild behind it. you're stuck in the middle here across the plains states. that's where we are seeing the heavier snow. we have spring-like conditions, too. we could see an isolated severe thunderstorm in here, but not really anticipating anything widespread. the big story on, yes, this
2:40 pm
first day of spring, we are getting heavy snow over parts of the plains. you've seen a couple of inches rolling through here. one of the things we are going to have to deal with as a problem is the winds have been strong. look at that, 23 miles per hour. that is sustained winds, not to mention gusts which could reach up to 45 miles per hour. when we are talking about snowfall accumulations over four inches likely, we'll see higher amounts pushing six to 12 north of i-40 here. we'll start to see these drifts of one to three feet. that is going to be problematic with this system. we've already seen heavy snowfall totals out of it as it moved through boulder, colorado. more than two feet of snow. look at that. 22 inches in wyoming, colorado city. 13 in red river, new mexico. speaking of the other red river, i want to quickly note we saw that story from the fargo area we have a new update on the forecast crest. still the same time of day
2:41 pm
sunday, but probably closer to 37 feet. that is lower than the initial forecast, and a lot of that has to do with colder temperatures which are moving into the upper midwest slowing down that snow melt. tomorrow's forecast for your rest of the weekend, we'll watch this start to pull out of the plains. push toward the southeast and mid-atlantic states where we'll mostly see wet weather and not snowy weather. >> thanks so much, jacqui. >> let's take a look at our top stories with votes on health care reform in the balance. president obama sets set for a trip to capitol hill. he is scheduled to meet with house democrats on the hill at any moment. the house is expected to vote tomorrow on the senate's version of the reform bill. democratic leaders say they are confident they will have the votes they need, but they are still trying to convince fellow democrats who are straddling the fence. there is no legal settlement yet for thousands of people who 0 got sick after working at the world trade center site. a federal judge in new york says
2:42 pm
the deal doesn't give them enough money but pays lawyers too much. the $657 million settlement involves police officers, firefighters and other workers. more top stories in 20 minutes. in texas now. funeral services were held earlier today for an american worker at the u.s. consulate in juarez, mexico, and her husband. both were gunned down last weekend after leaving a birthday party at the consulate. the husband of a mexican worker at the consulate was also killed after leaving the party. more than 200 federal, state and local police are searching for leads in that case. and building up america. how a global effort is providing jobs for americans in smalltown alabama.
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time to build up america. we are looking at where jobs are being created, how they are being created and which communities are thriving. our tom foreman visited montgomery, alabama, not so small town, where foreign cars are actually creating domestic jobs. >> reporter: just south of montgomery at the gleaming new hyundai plant, almost every minute another new car rolls off the line. and just about as often, you can find someone like yolanda williams singing the company's praises. >> i love it. i enjoy what i do every day.
2:47 pm
>> reporter: did you have any idea you would be making a living from the car industry in southern alabama? >> no, i never did. this changed a lot of people's lives now. >> reporter: winning this massive prize had local leaders scrambling at one point making sure hyundai knew how transportation services, power grids and most of all, the local community could and would meet all their needs. >> this location was great. >> reporter: they made sure you had everything? the land, the communications, the transportation? >> yes. utilities. >> reporter: it seems like it's working. >> it is working. it's working for them, working for us. >> reporter: last year hyundai was one of three car companies to increase sales in america. you're looking to see if there is anything wrong with this piece? good jobs. >> means the world to me. i know a lot of other people feel the same way. >> reporter: how secure do you feel in your job? >> i feel really secure. i do. >> reporter: enough to buy a
2:48 pm
house and move forward? >> i have. >> reporter: hyundai doesn't make everything it needs. that means lots of suppliers have sprung up all throughout this region to make bumpers and sun roofs and dashboards. that has created many more jobs. about 800 have come from mobis, another korean company that followed hyundai here. i'm guessing a lot of people are happy about this? >> yes, we are. as a matter of fact, i'm one of them. >> reporter: in all, local officials estimate more than 20,000 jobs have rippled out from the hyundai deal. building up south alabama one job, one car, one minute at a time. tom foreman, cnn, montgomery. all eyes are on capitol hill. momentarily president barack obama will be heading to capitol hill, a meeting with democrats during a caucus trying to make his final push to get legislation on health care pushed through. then we just understood from our
2:49 pm
professional hill correspondent brianna keilar reporting that the house rules committee decided the house will not use what's been considered a controversial deem and pass method. instead, they will be voting the house vote separately on the senate bill and then vote on the package of amendments of that senate bill, as well. all that scheduled for tomorrow. we will hope to find out what the president seems to think about this kind of movement on capitol hill as we await his arrival. to a well-equipped buick lacrosse. get inside each. and see what you find. if perfection is what you pursue, this just might change your course. meet the new class of world class. the twenty-ten lacrosse, from buick. may the best car win.
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wheelchair users in certain countries like kenyan, guatemala can have a hard time navigating
2:53 pm
bumpy roads and broken sidewalks, but that's changing. we have an m.i.t. student with an invention changing people's lives. >> my name is amos winter, i'm the inventer of the freedom chair. in the developing world, most people with disabilities have to rely on their own power to travel from point a to point b. many have to go offroad long distances. using a conventional wheelchair is impossible. what is required is something that you can travel long distances on rough terrain efficiently just using your arms. you have two levers you propel yourself with. to go through mud and sand, pull high on the levers. as you slide your hand down you can make the chair go faster. you can take it to a rural
2:54 pm
village. if is there a guy who knows how to fix bicycles, he knows how to fix lfc. we received $50,000 to take this next version to guatemala this summer to make 30 trial chairs. ideally after that year we'll get the feedback from the years. we'll refine the design so it's ready for large-scale production and have a model we can distribute to any workshop and they can make it anywhere in the world. >> wow, that is a fabulous invention. it is crunch time on health care reform. we've been waiting for this vote, many have, for months. we should get it tomorrow. both sides are still chasing votes. we'll look at the latest count. at sharp, our goal is to reproduce every color in the world on tv. introducing quattron quad pixel technology. it adds a fourth color, yellow, to the standard rgb color system,
2:55 pm
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♪ [ male announcer ] of all the things being said about our cars... the most important is what comes from you. if you are shopping for a new car, we invite you to put ours to the test. put us up against anyone. and may the best car win.
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the president of the united
2:58 pm
states going to capitol hill to give members of his party a pep talk and maybe sway a few votes. house members are getting set to vote on health care reform tomorrow. this is a big deal. it affects just about everybody in this country. we are tracking all of it for you. it is still a cliffhanger. not enough votes yet to pass or defeat it. josh levs is keeping track of who still has not said how they'll vote. what does it look like now? >> it is done to the wire. we are talking about a handful of law makers who have the future of health care in a sense in their hands. there are more steps, but this is, as we know it, a huge vote. we have a picture here of some of the faces we've been showing you of some people who have been undeclared. steadily some of them move off that list. our latest count is here for you. the exact number of yes votes is actually shifting a lot. cnn has been getting a firm count how many no votes there are on the legislation. as of this moment, the total
2:59 pm
democratic no votes, 31. that is seven away from the needed number to kill the bill. then again it means seven people remain cog make this bill happen at this point. i'm going to focus in on who they are for you. we'll start here, representative john spratt. he is from south carolina. he's had some concerns along the way. we are keeping an eye on his vote today. representative james oberstar from minnesota. he said in the past he had concerns about the language on abortion. that has been resolved, but we don't know if he has other concerns about the legislation. two more here. representative john tanner of tennessee, who also is one of the ones that remains undeclared. he said the most important thing to him is cost control. he wanted to study that report with the congressional budget office coming out thatve


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